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MKS Instruments, Inc. is a leading worldwide provider of process control solutions for advanced manufacturing processes such as semiconductor device manufacturing; thin-film manufacturing for flat panel displays, optical storage media, architectural glass

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Gauge Switch, 42A Flow-through

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Gauge Switch, 42A Flow-through
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The MKS Instruments 42A Pressure Switch offers accurate and reliable protection for vacuum equipment, atmospheric switching, and vacuum/pressure processes. Designed for applications where a DC signal output is not required, these switches provide relay outputs that are readily interfaced with alarms, valve actuators, computers, process controllers, load locks and other protection devices. The switch offers 0.5% of Full Scale set point accuracy, factory set trip point and requires 10-20 VDC or 20-30 VDC input power. For reverse calibration the trip point is given as value below atmosphere.

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• Gives precision pressure indication for blowout Preventors and Mud Manifolds. Excellent for cementing, fracturing, acidizing and gravel packing. • Pointer position gives you good indication of pressure changes even when you are too far away to read the numbers. • High quality materials provide rugged construction and long life. • Precision movement with close ratio gears gives smooth, accurate readings. • External check valve makes it quick and easy to load. • Tee handle damper makes adjusting damping simple, requiring no tools. • Gauge case filled with HY-C fluid to dampen movement and lubricate.
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MKS Instruments, Inc. » Goods and Services » Gauge Switch, 42A Flow-through
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